Verslag Suzanne Gerretsen van haar presentatie tijdens 1e Dutch Caribbean Multidisciplinary Hemato-Oncology Symposium 14-17 october Aruba

History of the nurse Practitioner

In 1965 in the the United States of America there was a considerable shortage of medical health professionals which resulted in the hiring and training of nurses to perform medical tasks.  As a result of the example set in the United States, England and Australia introduced a similar construction in 1980.  At the present time there are 42 countries working with Nurse Practitioners.

In the Netherlands the first Nurse Practitioner started in 1997.

The training and job content have evolved and been enhanced in the course of time. The NP qualification has formal status and registration, as recognized by law. The purpose of the Act is to promote and monitor the quality of health care. As for the doctors, it is mandatory for nurse specialists to attend refresher courses or attend conferences. In 2011 there were, calculated over all disciplines, already in 1000 nurse specialists in the Netherlands.

An investigation by the Inspectorate (Health Inspectorate) of 2007 show the reallocation of tasks from doctor to non-physician (such as nurse practitioner or nurse specialist) to be a positive experience.

The first nurse practitioner worked, as mentioned, already in 1997. Meanwhile, work in several hospitals in different departments, nurse practitioners in the AVL they work long with nurse practitioners

The Nurse Practitioner ( NP) is a nurse job function located in terms of power between doctor and nurse.

The NP can take over various tasks from the physician, including self diagnostics, treatment plans drafting and implementation, prescribe medication. The NP holds independent consultations, home visits and can do and perform treatments. The NP can specialize in psychiatry, nursing home care, family medicine or in a hospital.

Nurse practitioner is a relatively new specialty within nursing in the Netherlands. The function nurse practitioner is get blown over from the United States and exists in the Netherlands since 1997.

In order to follow the Master's program for nurse practitioner, should be in possession of a nursing diploma at Bachelor level with a minimum of two years experience in the field in which they want to specialize further.

 Current state of play no nurse practitioner is a nurse feature that is in terms of competence between the doctor and the nurse. The NP can take on different tasks of the physician, such as replacing the ward doctor, and in some cases self couples and prescribe medication diagnoses. The nurse practitioner holds independent consultations and carries out treatments.

The nurse practitioner often works as a case manager. The nurese practitioner goes as case manager the entire process along with the patient.

The breast care is very popular today with the nurse practitioner. The literature shows about the appointment of a nurse specialist to have several positive effects:


- Improve accessibility of care

- Improves coordination and continuity

- Shorter waiting times

- Information is clearly

- Integrative care (care) and cure (treatment)

In mammateam the Nurse practitioners have a clear independent role, which is also described in the guidelines “diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer”

In this presentation I will tell more about the tasks performed by the nurse practitioner within the team .

 Literature review of the Dutch debate on the nurse practitioner role: efficiency vs. professional development

A.      ter Maten-Speksnijder RN MSc and PhD Lecturer student

 It was very nice that I may speak at this congres, there were almost 200 doctors and Nurses. The best thing of these meetings is dat you share knowledge. During these days you meet a lot of people who have questions.

So I want tot thank the VN &VN very much that they support me !