To: Potential participants in the Dutch Hematology Congress (DHC)

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Date: August 4. 2017

Concerning: Important changes to the scientific program of DHC

We would like to inform you about the changes in the scientific programming of the DHC.

The congress organization has received feedback from several research groups, mainly concerning the fact that research presented at the DHC meeting is no longer adequately representing research performed in the Netherlands. In May 2017, a meeting took place of  congress organization representatives and representatives of the various hematology research groups.

The purpose of the meeting was meant to be keeping all research groups involved. In order to reach this goal the following decisions concerning the program of 12DHC were made:

  1. Fundamental and translational research:
    There will be no open submission for abstracts in these categories. Instead, national key persons have been appointed for 5 research fields (Hematopoiesis, Myeloid, Lymphoid, Immunology, Hemostasis/Thrombosis/Benign).

    Research fields


    Benigne, Hemostasis, Thrombosis Frank Leebeek, Jeroen Eikenboom, Sacha Zeerleder
    Myeloid Marc Raaijmakers, Arjan van de Loosdrecht
    Hematopoiesis Marieke von Lindern, Gerald de Haan
    Lymphoid Joost Kluiver, Marcel Spaargaren
    Immunology Harry Dolstra, Fred Falkenburg

    The national key persons will select presentations on subjects within their field in collaboration with group leaders of relevant Dutch research centers (academic hospitals, Sanquin and IKNL). They will actively consult  group leaders when  filling the program.  With this approach it is expected to be possible to attain better representation of  current fundamental and translational research in the Netherlands in the field of (immuno)hematology.Should you have any suggestion for presentations in one of the research fields and you have not been approached, you may contact one of the keypersons for that field.

    Timetable: Group leaders will be approached by the key persons during August/September. By the 1st of October 2017, the national key persons will notify the program committee about the slots assigned  by the national keypersons.

  2. Presentations on epidemiological or applied clinical research:
    For this category, the possibility remains to submit abstracts.
    This is intended for applied clinical research, for example, based on registries or intervention studies that do not fit in the translational research in the above-mentioned categories. These abstracts will be evaluated by the program committee for presentation during one of the clinical research sessions. If necessary, a selection will be made based on the ranking by the committee. If the research however is considered to fit in well in one of the sessions with fundamental/translational research, the clinical research presentation can be added to one of these sessions.

    Deadline for clinical abstracts: October 1st, website open from September 1st.

  3. Presentations on Dutch research presented at a major international conference in the previous year
    In September, Heads of Departments of the academic centers and Sanquin will be requested to report which Dutch presentations will take place at the ASH 2017 year or has been presented at another international congress in 2017. These presentations can be selected for presentation during the session 'Best of ASH NL' or can be added to a matching session with fundamental/translational research. If the number of presentations is too large we will try to select presentations covering a broad overview of Dutch research activities.

    Deadline for submitting these presentations: October 1st, 2017.

  4. Laptop/poster sessions:
    There will be no laptop or poster sessions for any of the categories.

  5. Registration fee 12DHC
    Medical congresses have to be accredited by the Code of Medicines Advertising (CGR) prior to the congress. This means that participants may receive only limited hospitality from sponsorships. Of course we try to keep prices for participants as low as possible. For participants (normal and reduced rate), pricing policy is determined according to the period for which you enroll. For speakers, moderators and participants presenting at 12DHC there is a fixed speaker fee applicable. 

We kindly ask you to communicate this information within your center.

Should you have any questions regarding this information, please, do not hesitate to contact the HOVON Central Bureau.

Mail: DHC@vumc.nl
Phone: 020-4442124/4442958

Kind regards, 
Regina Knoester, HOVON Centraal bureau.

On behalf of the chairs of the program committee (Marie José Kersten, Stijn Halkes),
HOVON (Jan Cornelissen), NVvH (Nicole Blijlevens) and Marten Nijziel (Professional project leader)